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Wrike projects

Project overview

As a Senior Interaction Designer at Wrike, I contributed to various aspects of our projects, ranging from website design to creating Customer Journey Maps and conducting UX interviews with users. I was involved in numerous initiatives, which allowed me to gain experience across different projects. My primary objective was to drive the marketing team toward new goals and facilitate seamless user interactions across multiple pages.

My service

CJM, Mock-ups, website design, banner design, design system, UX interviews


2020 – 2022

Visual Design

Over two years, I've designed numerous new pages and banners in collaboration with the marketing operations team. This process also entailed devising new ways for users to interact with the website. For instance, we added an integration block on the homepage to show users how Wrike can be integrated with other software. This feature enables users to understand potential software integrations with Wrike, helping them to make informed decisions more quickly.
Wrike websites pages

Interaciton example I created for Wrike website


During my tenure at Wrike, one of my key projects was the creation of a Customer Journey Map. This tool enabled the team to gain a deeper understanding of user interaction points and to devise targeted improvements.

Wrike user personas

I started with developing personas based on the marketing research conducted by our team, which helped define the typical user profiles visiting all the main pages of our website. This process was instrumental in enhancing our comprehension of user needs and allowed us to develop customized solutions for each user type.

CJM example

Each user interaction point was meticulously recorded and analyzed using statistics provided by the analytics department. This allowed us to track the progress of how changes on each page affected user behavior.

Based on this data, we could make informed adjustments to the pages to achieve better engagement and improve the conversion rates on all of Wrike's pages.

UX research

During my time at Wrike, I participated in UX research to identify improvement opportunities for the website. The structured interviews consisted of several phases:

1. A "5-second test" to assess what users could understand about the website in a brief glance and to gauge their initial emotional reactions.

2. Evaluating user comprehension of the software after they read about it on the website.

3. Observing user sentiment towards the website after they explored it while thinking aloud.

4. Asking participants to complete specific tasks on the website and to verbalize their thought process.

5. Gathering final impressions of the software.Each interview lasted approximately 60 minutes. Insights were recorded on sticky notes, which were then organized into potential areas for improvement.

Based on this grouping, we identified key areas and developed targeted enhancements to refine these aspects of the website.

Example of UX research for Wrike

Final thoughts

My time at Wrike was filled with a variety of tasks that allowed me to assume multiple roles as a Senior Designer. I had the opportunity to enhance my skills in building SAAS websites and banners, creating and maintaining design systems, and conducting various UX research projects. All with the user in mind. I am grateful for this opportunity, which has contributed to my personal growth as a designer.

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